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We have two food trucks. One of them Dos Bandidos that specializes in Mexican food with recipes from the interior of the country and the second truck The Shrimp Bucket dedicated to serve sea food with recipes of the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Currently we serve, corporate offices for lunch service, luxury department, breweries, private parties, patriotic parties, weddings, charity events, cultural events among others.

We have the human and physical team to attend any detail you need for your event, we have specialized in events no larger than 150 people.

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Catering Services.


Food Truck.

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One of the divisions with greater projection to the future is our line of sauces for houses and restaurants. You currently have four types of sauces.

The green sauce made with tomatillo and serrano chile, the red sauce elavorada with tomato and habanero, the avocado sauce and the chipotle cream.

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